Trail of ten falls

I have a crush on waterfalls, and on their innate readiness to be captured as smooth and silky drops.

I started to photograph them as I photograph common subjects, stopping their motion in mid-drop and getting ugly results. Then I analyzed professional photos that raised their beauty to the highest levels and wondered how it was achieved.

I did not go to photography school, but thanks to valuable online resources I learned that the key was in long exposure:

  1. using a tripod or a  steady platform to keep the camera still
  2. setting the shutter speed at one or more seconds
  3. setting the f-stop to a high number to compensate for the extended time the sensor is open

Now I practice this for evening skylines and astrophotography, and it definitely helps with my Oregon waterfall excursions.

When a former manager who grew up in Oregon knew that I loved waterfalls, he insisted that I should visit the Silver Falls State Park. I was once in the area visiting nearby Abiqua Falls, but did not know how far away they are from each other by car. So I planned a second visit. This time I decided to camp on the park.

The waterfalls of Silver Falls are awesome because they are very close to each other and because you can walk behind several of them without getting wet. I don’t recall their names, so for me they are first, second and so forth.

The first one is impressive and very photogenic, especially at a 45 degree angle.

South Falls

The second is wide and has the shape of a curtain.

Silver Falls

Seen from the side:

Silver Falls

The next one was not photogenic at all, but here it is:

Silver Falls

Waterfall #4 is thin as a feather and has two drops, quite nice for a refreshing mist.

Silver Falls

I’m not sure the order of this one, but I love how it looks from the side.

Silver Falls

I’m sure this is not worthy of the waterfall name, but has a nice shape.

Trail of the ten falls

This is my second favorite, the very last one of the trail, with a beautiful behind-the-scenes look.

North Falls

In its entire form:

Silver Falls

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