Mount Ellinor – 5944ft

This hike had been on my list for a year. I love de idea of an easy way up to a 5,900 ft summit with 360-degree views, but the fact that it is almost three hours away from home in Bothell made me delay it for a while.

We started the drive at 8:30am and after a few stops we got to the trailhead at 11:15. Once you turn right at the end of 119 the drive gets a little bit slow but the unpaved road is in excellent shape with no potholes.

We parked at the lower trailhead with the goal of taking the most out of the hike and loved it.

Mount Ellinor Trailhead

The first two miles are on an even path surrounded by a calm and brightly lit forest with several viewpoints.

Mount Ellinor Trail

Once the real elevation gain started, the trail became a challenge for me, because all I’d done since October was a trip to West Tiger 3 the week before. Once I found my happy pace we followed the well-marked path to the open viewpoints before reaching the rocky switchbacks that lead to the avalanche chute. This is how awesome it looks from there:


This may be a nice spot to have lunch. We decided to just have some cheese and keep going as more food would have meant a slower pace to the end.

The avalanche chute is snow-free, so most people were following the summer trail. I can imagine how scary it can be on a true winter day.

Mount Ellinor avalanche chute

Once you are at the top of the saddle on the southeast ridge you have only 15-20 more minutes to go. There is some snow/ice at the base of the summit, so microspikes were very valuable for us, but we did experience some backups.

The world down there:




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