Snow Lake in Spring

For your enjoyment’s sake, please bring microspikes. They’re the most handy tool of this season, but sadly only about 10% of the people we saw today had them. Contrary to what many casual hikers may think, the trail is not yet in summer shape, as most of the route is covered in very slick ice. People in sneakers and shorts were doing their best to keep going up, but the way down proved particularly challenging.

This is how the trailhead looks at the moment.

Snow Lake Trailhead

The route was much shorter than I expected, and in just over an hour we were at the top of Snow Lake’s lookout. The lake is still covered in snow, and to our mouth-dropping amazement, we saw boot marks going across the length of the lake. May the frozen lake gods keep them safe.

Snow Lake covered in snow

This was taken on one of the open switchbacks. A very beautiful path.

Snow Lake Trail

On our way down a ranger was warning incoming hikers – without traction gear – of the challenges that lay just ahead as you make your way up the steep terrain.

I turned around at the look out and by 1:30pm I was back in Seattle.

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