Mount Pilchuck in the spring

This was the first hiking day this year in which we didn’t need any warm clothing, just a wicking shirt. Others didn’t even need the shirt…

The rest of the group had a decent start at 9am but we slept in and got to the trailhead at noon.Warm it was, but beautiful.

There is no doubt that our goldendoodle had the most fun, because he could not be a bigger fan of snow. Except for the first 20 minutes, the rest of the trail is covered in slippery snow and icy water. Those first 20 minutes deserve a name, in fact, they beg for a name. Mudfest it is. This is not about going slower to avoid getting your shoes and socks clean, it’s about totally embracing the mud. There is no way around it if you want to get to the top of Mount Pilchuck.

I’ve realized that there are two kinds of hikers: those that can manage a downhill run in slush and those who can’t. I belong to the latter kind, and for that reason I used microspikes for much of the way up and down. They make me feel safe and that makes me enjoy the hike more.

Pictures now. First one of how the trail looks:

Mount Pilchuck trail

Next one with views to the north: Mount Baker, Mount Shuksan and Three Fingers:

View from Mount Pilchuck trail

Now one of the south-facing slopes that you hike to get on the other side of the ridge:

Mount Pilchuck south-face

Finally views from the summit, very gorgeous:

Mount Pilchuck summit view


Mount Pilchuck summit view


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