Gothic Basin late November

Even though the WTA page said that the road was closed, a friend of ours got to the Dickerman trailhead without issue right before Thanksgiving, so we decided to venture out as far as we could.

The road was in good condition, if only a little icy due to the low temperature (25 degrees at the trailhead). We encountered other groups starting at about the same time as us, between 8:30 and 9 am, and off we went.

Gothic Basin

The first mile was beautifully covered in hoar frost.

Hoar frost

Once we hit consistent snow there was a mile-long section with slippery ice that you had to manage carefully. We did not follow the trail all the way east and instead took a shortcut that put us at the north end of the lake. This way you hike up a nice snow slope that at that point did not require snowshoes. If you follow the trail east, there is a steep rock slab that can be dangerous.

Gothic Basin

Half melted Foggy Lake with Gothic Peak in the background:




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