On how I learned to use clipless pedals

A few days before my friend Teresa would take me on my maiden ride as a road cyclist, I had a bike, yet a pedal-less bike. I was not going for the easy way with platform pedals, right? I had ordered the Speedplay Zero (a.k.a. lollipop pedals), which I soon installed and tried to use for the first time in my living room. Epic fail. I could not clip in a single time with my right foot. After an hour I was in deep frustration. Was I doing something completely wrong?

Lollipop pedals

I went back to the store the next day. They said I was not able to clip in easily because the pedals were designed for heavier people. I got out of the store with the Shimano SPDs in hand. Lollipop pedals be damned.

The SPDs could not have been easier to learn. All I needed now was a grassy area, a fence, and no humans in sight; all of which abound at Marymoor Park. It took me an hour of trial and error to reach an acceptable level of confidence.

We rode the Sammamish River Trail from Redmond Town Center to the McMenamins brewery in Kenmore. Twenty miles round trip with negligible elevation gain. I loved it (and I did not fall a single time!)


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